Mesleki Yabancı Dil Modül Soru ve Cevapları (85 Adet)

1- Yabancı Dilde Donanım Kavramları

1. The …………………… provides connections for all parts of a computer.

2. CPU is the shortened form of …………………….

3. Random Access Memory (RAM) maintains ……………………. computer data storage.

4. ……………………. is a storage device with very large capacity.

5. ……………………. to provide support for placing and running CDs.

6. A …………………… is very similar to a CD, but it has a much larger data storage capacity

7. …………………… is used to connect a computer mouse or keyboard

8. The basic function of …………………… is pointing to a specific position on the screen.

9. ( ) Maladjusted two connection types or interdevices to connect devices to each other is called adapter.
10. ( ) Interface that is made of semi-conductor substance is carrying thousands of electronic circuit on it.
11. ( ) BIOS starts after the system sets up.
12. ( ) Datapath between Ram is called FSB processor .
13. ( ) DIMMs are RAM memory module slots installed on the motherboard.
14. ( ) Cache processor is a concept which is used for levelling the memory.
15. ( ) Jumper is a metal bridge to determine the priority.
16. ( ) PPM refers the number of printer output in seconds.

17. Which of the following is the hardware unit that hardware such as memory, CPU and harddisk are connected to?
A) Motherboard        B) Graphic card              C) Sound card              D) Monitor

18. Which of the following is the hardware unit only capable of reading and writing CD?
A) CD ROM              B) CD RW                   C) DVD ROM                 D) DVD WR

19. To which port is the keyboard connected?
A) Parallel Port         B) Serial Port               C) Firewire Port                D) PS/2

20. Which of the following is the display device that magnifies and reflects the image on PC or TV to a wall or a screen?
A) Monitör              B) Projection                   C) Scanner                    D) Camera

21. Which of the following is the bit rate transferred per second?
A) PPM                    B) Bandwidth                  C) Capacity                    D) FSB

22. Which of the following is a connection unit produced by the motherboard manufacturers to maintain more efficiency from three dimensional graphic cards?
A) PCI                 B) FSB               C) AGP                D) ISA

23. Which of the following is the interface used for connecting the harddrives to the PCs?
A) IDE                B) SATA                 C) ATA                  D) PCI

24. Which of the following is the name given to the sector group on harddisk?
A) Jumper           B) Bad Sector          C) Boot Sector             D) Cluster

25. Which of the following is the number of dots in an inch?
A) DPI                 B) Dot Pitch              C) PPM                 D) Resolution

26. Which of the following is the number of printer output per minute?
A) DPI                 B) Dot Pitch               C) PPM              D) Resolution


CEVAPLAR: 1-Motherboard          2-Central Proccess Unit          3-Temporary          4-Hard Disk Drive          5-CD-ROM          6-DVD          7-PS/2 Port          8-Mouse          9-True          10-False           11- True          12- True          13- False          14- False          15- True          16- False          17-A          18-B          19-D          20-B           21-B          22-C          23-A          24-D          25-A          26-C 


2- Yabancı Dilde Yazılım Ve Ağ Kavramları

1) ………………… a software communicating with the user in a computer sytem.

2) the central location for all your operating system configuration needs is called …………………..

3) The process of combining the broken data in a unit is called …………………..

4) ………………….. saves TrueType fonts in a presentation so text will be properly displayed on other computers.

5) A Presentation Templates file is any …………………..that is saved as a template.

6) The software translating a source code written in a programming language to another language are called …………………..

7) When there is an insufficient storage you see the compiler error …………………… .

8) The storage areas the data is stored in a programming language are represented by ………………….. .

9. ( ) Freeware software is Copyrighted software made available free for public use by the author.

10. ( ) Software that is sold by individuals or companies for a nominal fee is called shareware.

11. ( ) DSL circuit is much slower than a regular phone line.

12. ( ) Unwanted, unsolicited junk emails sent to a large number of recipients are called spam.

13. ( ) A set of instructions that dictates how packets of information are sent across multiple Networks are called DNS.

14. ( ) A list containing email addresses or IP addresses of suspected spammers is called whitelist.

15. ( )The process of transferring files or programs from one computer to another is called HTML.

16. ( ) Main protocol upon which the Internet is based is called IP.

17. ( )All types of user computers that uses the web sites are called client.
18. ( ) Telecommunications network that allows for digital voice, video, and data transmissions are called LAN.
19. ( ) A network of connected computers and/or servers that are physically located near each other is called LAN.
20. ( )VPN is the technology that enables rapid transfer of digital information through regular telephone cables.
21. ( ) A hub is a network device that connects multiple computers on a LAN so they can communicate with one another.
22. ( ) ADSL is A device that encodes digital computer signals into analog/analogue telephone signals and vice versa and allows computers to communicate over a phone line.
23. ( ) Access point is a device, such as a WLAN or Internet modem, that permits wireless devices to connect to a network.
24. ( ) Static IPis a way of telling your computer or router what network addresses it can consider local and which are remote.

25. The variations of a software announced in different periods is called…
A) Version           B) Driver            C) Partition            D) Spam

26. Which of the following provides installation, display and management of all devices connected to PC.
B) Device Maneger
C) Control panel
D) Family Safety

27. Which of the following is the output from a computer that you can touch?
A) Hardcopy               B) Softcopy               C) Footer             D) Margins

28. Which of the following displays only the rows in a list that satisfy the conditions you specify?
A) Name box              B) Merged cell          C) Filter                 D) Functions

29. Which of the following contain related information or data to be analyzed?
A) Data                 B) Data labels            C) Data series                D) Datasheets

30. Which of the following contains entries and keys that help identify the data series in a chart.
A) Legendtext         B) Legend key         C) Legend                  D) PCI

31. Which of the following is the name given to The computer language used to create hypertext documents?
A) HTTP                 B) HTML                 C) HTTPS                  D) LAN

32. Which of the following compiler error occurs when necessary variable identification has not been executed.
A) Type mismatch
B) Unknown identifier
C) Invalid file name
D) Identifier expected

33. Which of the following compiler error occurs when there is an error in sequence of charactersthat is intended to be written?
A) Error in statement
B) Syntax error
C) Invalid qualifier
D) Error in real constantM

34. Which of the following compiler error occurs when same variable has been identified in 2 different types?
A) Duplicate identifier
B) Variable identifier expected
C) Type mismatch
D) Invalid file type

CEVAPLAR: 1-Operating System          2-Control Panel          3-Defragmentation          4-Font embedding          5-Presentation background          6-Compiler          7-Out of memory          8-variables          9-False          10-True           11- False          12- True          13- False          14- False          15- False          16- False          17- True          18- False          19- True          20- False           21- True          22- False          23- True          24- True          25-A          26-B          27-A          28-C          29-D          30-C           31-B          32-D          33-B          34-A


3- Yabancı Dilde Teknik Yazışma İşlemleri

Match the technical statements in English with their translations in Turkish below.

Technical Statements

1. “Stop End Of Day”______
2. Accessible from the HMI screen ______
3. On the end of day, click on button “Production stop initialisation”. ______
4. All robots in production mode go on “Decompression trajectory”. ______
5. After Dumping all the robots go on “Dressing trajectory”. ___e___
6. To validate the starting production, click on button “Start of production”. ______
7. To validate the robots departure, push the green push button “Enabling mode”. ______
8. All the robots finish the dressing trajectory and go in drain trajectory. ______
9. When the drain is finish, all the Robots go on home position. ______
10. The installation is ready for the production. ______

Teknik Komutlar 
A. Robot sistemi artık üretime hazırdır.
B. Tüm robotlar temizlik ve bakım konumundan tahliye konumuna geçer
C. Tahliye işlemi sona erdikten sonra Robotlar hazır konumlarına geri döner.
D. Üretim kipinde bulunan tüm robotlar basınç tahliye gezingesine girer.
E. Yükleri boşaltıldığında robotları temizlik ve bakım gezingesine getirin.
F. Robotların yerlerine geçmesini yeşil « Etkin Modu » düğmesine basarak onaylayın.
G. Üretime başlama işlemini onaylamak için « Üretim Başlangıç » düğmesine basın.
H. HMI ekranından erişilebilir
İ. İş günü sona erdiğinde « Üretim Durdurma Başlatma » düğmesine basın.
J. “İş günü sonunda durdurma”.

CEVAPLAR:  1-J          2-H          3-I          4-D          5-E          6-G          7-F          8-B          9-C          10-A

Express the following inquiries more politely. 
Example: Can you send samples? 
I would like to know if you can send samples.
Do you mind sending samples?
Would you mind sending samples?
Could you send samples?

Can you send a representative?
A) Will you send a representative?
B) Do you send a representative?
C) Send a representative
D) Could you send a representative, please?

Can you accept small orders?
A) Could you accept small orders?
B) Accept small orders?
C) Will accept small orders
D) Did you accept small orders?

Can you supply goods on credit?
A) I want to know if you can supply goods on credit
B) I have to know if you can supply goods on credit
C) I would like to know if you can supply goods on credit
D) I wonder if you can supply goods on credit

Can you dispatch the goods this month?
A) Are you going to dispatch the goods this month?
B) I want to learn if you can dispatch the goods this month.
C) Can you inform me if you can dispatch the goods this month?
D) Would you mind dispatching the goods this month?

Can you settle the balance of your account this week?
A) I have to be sure if you can settle the balance of your account this week
B) I would like to know if you can settle the balance of your account this week
C) I want to learn if you can settle the balance of your account this week
D) I wonder if you can settle the balance of your account this week

CEVAPLAR: 1-D          2-A          3-C          4-D          5-B


Match the letter types with the definitions listed “A” to “F” below. 
1. Requesting Information ____

2. Letters Of Request For Payment ____

3. Letter Changing Information ____

4. Letter Of Sending Information ____

5. Letter Of Invitation ____

6. Invoice means _____

A. It is often necessary in business to send an invitation to a person or group requesting their attendance at a special event.
B. Document detailing purchases and money owed
C. How to ask somebody to send you information
D. Sometimes it is necessary to remind customers that they owe you money
E. When a person or company changes important information, such as an address, price, or date, it is necessary to send valued customers a letter with the new information. This letter informs customers of a change in price.
F. What to say when you send information
Write “(T) True” or “(F) False” for the definitions below. 
7.( ) Inquire dialogues are made during pre-production process

8.( ) Request and Demands for Payment dialogues are made during production

9.( ) During Shipping dialogues are made between workers

10.( ) Acceptance of Orders are the dialogues between workers

CEVAPLAR: 1-C          2-D          3-E          4-F          5-A          6-B          7-True          8-True          9-False          10-True